Mobile Moments: The Jonas Brothers Share New Year’s Resolutions, 5G Dreams and Secrets to “Happiness”

Having just wrapped their 64-date U.S. “Happiness Begins Tour,” where T-Mobile customers scored the very best, stage-front Reserved Tickets (even to last-minute or sold-out stops!), the Jonas Brothers — also known by their first names Nick, Joe and Kevin (if you’re a fan, and you probably are) — sit for a “Mobile Moments” chat, where we talk to creators to learn about their influences, inspirations and how their devices play a role in their day-to-day lives. Here, the Brothers open up about everything from me. nding old wounds to New Year’s resolutions, even offering a little dis at new nemesis Diplo.

You just wrapped your “Happiness Begins Tour.” We know you’ve made a lot of T-Mobile customers and fans happy with our partnership together. What have been some of the biggest highlights for you?

Joe: I would say the Hollywood Bowl was really special. We got to play that twice, and MSG [Madison Square Garden] is always a huge highlight for us.

You guys are all active on social media. How do you use your mobile devices day to day? Do they serve a different need/function while on tour?

Kevin: I think mobile devices every single day on tour just helps you stay connected to the people that are not always there. Everyone in our lives are pretty busy. You know, my family’s in New Jersey sometimes, so making sure I can FaceTime them, hang out with them, talk to them.

How big of a role do your mobile phones play in staying connected with your wives and kids while on tour?

Nick: I think that anytime you can make a very big world a smaller place, that’s a good thing. Your mobile device does a good job of that and we move around quite a bit and we’re all over the world, different times, so to know that we can have that constant and that foundation with people that we love, people that are closest to us, is a nice thing and helps us make life on the road a little easier.

Do you have certain apps that are lifesavers?

Joe: My favorite app is Headspace. It’s a meditation app. I use it every day. That’s a good one. I suggest it. That, and Postmates.

Kevin: That’s a good one. [Gestures towards Joe] Postmates.

Nick: [Gestures for answer] Kev?

Kevin: I actually have this awesome app called Caribou that I like to use with my children. We can read books and talk to each other through it while we’re doing it. It’s pretty amazing.

Nick: Sports updates on apps. I’ve got a few different ones that I use. ESPN, PGA Live. Those are all helpful.

Joe: Saucey is a great app. And the LimeBike app.

There’s a lot of chatter about the 5G future that’s starting to unfurl. As tech-savvy, boundary-pushing artists, how do you feel about 5G?

Joe: 5G is very important. The faster it gets, the better our life is. So hook us up!

Your new Christmas song “Like It’s Christmas” is also bringing people a lot of happiness. How did you decide to release another one after all these years?

Nick: I think that we’ve always dreamed of having one of those songs during the holiday season that becomes a staple in people’s lives and we teamed up with some people that really helped us make that dream come to life with “Like It’s Christmas,” and we hope that the tradition continues each season with the song coming into their life and creating new memories every year.

You really laid bare your differences and family and career struggles in your incredibly revealing and compelling Amazon documentary Chasing Happiness. Was chronicling the past so honestly essential to moving forward together again?

Kevin: I think being able to revisit our past and walk through that and especially the years that we were dealing with things that we hadn’t really confronted with each other, it was extremely important to go through, and the fact that we had cameras there was magical and also emotional and just happy we got to the other side and landed where we are right here.

You’ve received a Grammy nomination for “Sucker,” which started off with a good omen earlier this year when it debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, along with Happiness Begins debuting atop the album chart. What are your feelings/hopes about winning next month?

Joe: Well, we are just so honored that we are recognized by the Academy of Film and Television… [Obviously kidding] We are so unbelievably happy to be nominated for a Grammy 10 years later. It really feels surreal and we worked really hard on this album. We’re really proud of it, and to be recognized for that, it means a lot to us, so thank you everyone.

Speaking of which: After a magical year of overcoming the past and with all the success that has come with that, do you have any New Year’s resolutions for 2020 that you’d care to share?

Nick: I think the New Year’s resolution for 2020 for me is just to find some time to do some traveling outside of work and have some downtime as well as the fun we have on the road. But we’ve spent quite a bit of time this year away from home, so coming back and getting some time to sort of nest will be nice.

Joe: I’m stealing his answer.

Kevin: Same.

“Happiness” has been the central theme to your album, tour and documentary this year. Have you finally caught up with it?

Kevin: I think happiness is something you’re always chasing in your daily life. But in our current state, I think we are pretty happy. It’s pretty awesome. Let the happiness continue.

By the way, do you have any tips on how to protect our Instagram account from being hacked by Diplo?

Joe: Well, Diplo is out to hack you, so be very careful. Don’t be friends with him.

Kevin: [Nods] That’s the first thing.

T-Mobile Responds to Puerto Rico Earthquake

A small number of sites remain affected by power outages on the island and T-Mobile teams continue working to restore services as it’s safe to do so.

Some sites are using alternative power and our team is focused on refueling generators and recharging batteries.

Today, T-Mobile community support teams will be at Guayanilla and Yauco Plaza, two locations impacted by yesterday’s earthquakes, providing WiFi, charging facilities, water and other supplies.

  • Estadio Municipal Luis A. “Pegui” Mercado Toro Guayanilla, 00656, Puerto Rico
  • Yauco Plaza II Shopping Center Carr.128 Km 0.1 Bo. Sasua Baja #12, Yauco, PR, 00698
Update: January 7, 2020

Our thoughts are with our customers and the residents of Puerto Rico who have experienced a series of earthquakes over the past day, including this morning.

Currently, a small number of our network sites are affected by power outages on the island. Our teams are working closely with local utility and transport providers to restore services as soon as it’s safe to do so.

If you have a connection to the T-Mobile network, send a text instead of making a call. Text messages get through easier during times of congestion. Try to keep calls to a minimum and as short as possible and limit your data usage. This helps reduce the load on our network so others can get through.

Our customers in Puerto Rico can stay up to date on the latest developments at the following channels:

We would also like to remind customers that our Magenta, T-Mobile One, or Simple Choice plans always have unlimited talk, text, and data. Metro by T-Mobile customers also have unlimited talk and text on all plans.

T-Mobile & Metro by T-Mobile Nab J.D. Power’s Top Spots for Wireless Customer Care

T-Mobile earns a record-breaking highest score (again) from J.D. Power for Full-Service Wireless Customer Care, marking the 19th time the Un-carrier has snagged the top spot. And, Metro by T-Mobile grabs the top spot among Non-Contract Full-Service providers.

What’s the news

T-Mobile has set another record high score in J.D. Power’s U.S. Wireless Customer Care Full-Service Performance Study. This is the 19th time the Un-carrier has ranked highest among full-service providers and the third time in a row to set a new record-breaking score. And Metro by T-Mobile grabbed the top spot for non-contract providers.

Why it matters

Since launching Team of Experts, T-Mobile continues to set record score after record score for customer care satisfaction.

Who it’s for

Anyone who thinks customer experience matters.


Bellevue, Washington — February 6, 2020 — New decade, still crushing it.J.D. Power today announced that T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) has received a record-breaking highest score in the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Wireless Customer Care Full-Service Performance Study—Volume 1, again. This marks the 19th time T-Mobile has ranked highest among full-service providers – more than anyone in the history of the study! And Metro by T-Mobile claimed the top spot, placing first in the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Wireless Customer Care Non-Contract Performance Study — Volume 1 among Full-Service wireless providers.

“We launched Team of Experts in August 2018, and we’ve taken the top J.D. Power Wireless Customer Care spot every single time since — that’s no coincidence, it’s just proof that our game-changing customer-first model WORKS,” said John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile. “Team of Experts completely revolutionized Care, giving customers access to real humans, 24/7 … no bots, no bouncing, no BS. We’re the only ones doing customer care this way — the right way — and it’s no surprise we continue to outscore the competition over and over again!”

T-Mobile scored an 848 in the Study, that’s 43 points higher than the wireless industry average. And, the Un-carrier earned top scores in both Assisted Care and Unassisted Care, demonstrating T-Mobile customers are the most satisfied in wireless no matter how they prefer to reach their T-Mobile Care team… calling, texting, going online or heading to a store.  

“This incredible Care team has once again broken our own record! We’ve taken the top spot with J.D. Power EVERY TIME since launching Team of Experts. That’s not a coincidence … that’s a plan!” said Callie Field, EVP of Care at T-Mobile. “When you get the bots out of the way and connect customers to real customer-experience-obsessed people, like we did with Team of Experts, it’s an absolute game changer.”

In 2018, T-Mobile launched Team of Experts, a reinvigorated care experience for not just the wireless industry but for customer care organizations across the world. With a dedicated team of real people available to answer their call or message 24/7, Team of Experts promises no bots, no bouncing, and no BS. When a Magenta postpaid customer calls their T-Mobile Team of Experts, they know they will get a real person delivering real help, every time. It’s no surprise that T-Mobile delivers an unprecedented level of customer delight that’s unmatched among Full Service wireless providers. And the Un-carrier has the J.D. Power results to show it.

The J.D. Power results demonstrate a strong customer appreciation for the T-Mobile care experience, whether it be on the phone, in-store, via online chat, or easily navigating self-serve options. And while self-service options like the T-Mobile App and make life easier, T-Mobile Team of Experts got high marks for being well informed, clear communicators, courteous, prompt in responding and quick to resolve customer issues.

For more information about T-Mobile and the  J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Wireless Customer Care Full-Service Study—Volume 1, please visit:

Follow T-Mobile’s Official Twitter Newsroom at @TMobileNews to stay up-to-date with the latest company news.     

What Type of Relationship Do You Have with Your Phone?

Whether you’re newly single or long-married, chances are there’s another significant other in your life you engage with even more regularly — on a daily, hourly, maybe even moment-by-moment basis: your phone! In honor of Valentine’s Day, we take a look at the many forms that relationship can take. Which one best describes yours?

In recent years, we’ve learned that a growing number of people consider their phone an extension of themselves. For others, their device is more like a best friend, perhaps even a soul mate. For the rest of us, who maybe haven’t thought about it much, our device functions as a kind of semi-sentient presence we happen to spend a vast amount of time with. We think it’s time to Define The Relationship — here are five common types.

The Codependent Partner

Consider this: nearly three out of every four Americans keep their phones within five feet of them at all times. What’s more, one study found that 46 percent of us check our phones before we even get out of bed in the morning, and 75 percent keep our phones powered up 24 hours a day. It’s no wonder, then, that many people feel a sense of separation anxiety when they are away from their phone. A classic symptom of codependency.

The Nagging Spouse

It’s time to wake up! Your conference call is coming up in 10 minutes. Time to stand up and move a little! Reminder: Pay Utility Bill. Your screen time is up 50% from last week. With the constant barrage of alarms, reminders and notifications our phones deliver each day, you’d think we’d been married to them for years! But unlike an actual nagging spouse — yes, we’re looking at you, Peter! — you can always turn notifications off or manage them to mitigate stress.

The Love/Hate

Smartphones. We hate them for ruining our lives one minute, and love them for making our lives endlessly easier the next. This love/hate relationship can serve as a source of both stress and calm, loneliness and connection. Like any relationship that pings from one extreme to the other, for this to work in the long run it’s important to remember you need a steady dose of good to balance out the bad, and even search for middle ground when possible. (That’s what “silent mode” is for, right?)

The On-Again, Off-Again

In an attempt to be more present, you’ve probably ditched your phone before, or at least tried. Maybe you lasted a full 44 days phone-free. Maybe it was a weeklong separation, a weekend away or simply a phone-free dinner out with friends. Whatever your breakup history, chances are you and your phone have gotten back together again — likely many times. Don’t feel like a failure! While it’s nearly impossible for many of us to call it quits with our phones for good, there are a few healthy steps you can take for a digital detox every so often. Plus, as they say, distance only makes the heart grow fonder!

The (Almost) True Love

Our phones are easy to fall in love with — who else answers any and every question we may have, finds us rides, orders us food, plays us music and seemingly exists to endlessly entertain us? But there can be such a thing as too much phone love, especially when it interferes with real human relationships. As much as we may love our phones, making sure they don’t take priority over the people we love means that any relationship you have with your device will be a healthier one. Remember to use that phone for its primary purpose — connecting with others.

So text your loved ones. Except your mom. As much as it pains you to place an actual call, hearing your voice will certainly make her Valentine’s Day. Oh yeah, and send flowers. You can use your phone for that, too!

Depressed about not having a date this February 14? Check out how Metro by T-Mobile Un-Sucks Valentine’s Day for Singles!

Metro by T-Mobile Launches “Rule Your Day” Campaign Featuring Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jayson Tatum and Karl-Anthony Towns

New campaign features empowering stories from a mix of pro basketball players and real-life situations

What’s the news

Metro by T-Mobile is unveiling a new campaign called Rule Your Day featuring basketball players Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jayson Tatum and Karl-Anthony Towns and inspiring stories of overcoming the odds. 

Why it matters

In a world increasingly consumed by negativity, we’re here to celebrate triumphs! Everyone has a story like the line cook that launched her own food truck. Metro by T-Mobile brings stories of achievement — of people who “rule their day” — to life. 

Who it’s for

Wireless customers who want it all—like $40 for a single line unlimited plan WITH 5G, when you switch!

Bellevue, Washington — February 12, 2020 — Had enough of negative news? You’re in luck — stories of personal triumph and overcoming the odds are coming at’cha. And thrones. Magnificent purple thrones.

Metro by T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) launches a new campaign featuring basketball stars, including reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, All-Star Jayson Tatum, two-time All-Star Karl-Anthony Towns … AND, real-life stories of people living their best lives. It’s called Rule Your Day. And it’s inspiringly awesome.

The first TV spot features Daniela, a line cook with big dreams to start her own business. She found a food truck online, fixed it up using YouTube DIY videos and launched her very own pupuseria all with the help of the Best Unlimited Plan in Wireless. The spot ends with Daniela taking her rightful place on the purple Metro ‘Rule Your Day’ Throne.

“At its core, Rule Your Day is about the Metro by T-Mobile customer that doesn’t let anything slow them down. They own their decisions, like pursuing a dream to start a business,” said Matt Staneff, chief marketing offer, T-Mobile. “I love the imagery of the throne. It’s a symbol of triumph, of autonomy. With the power of T-Mobile’s network and our new $40 unlimited plan, Metro customers are empowered to rule their day.”

Empowerment is part of Metro’s DNA — Metro was founded to provide mobile service in “wireless deserts,” i.e. places the big national phone carriers wouldn’t serve. Today, with thousands of retail outlets in hundreds of communities nationwide, Metro continues to focus on the most hardworking and dedicated among us.

To help bring the stories to life, Rule Your Day will feature reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, all-star Jayson Tatum and two-time all-star Karl-Anthony Towns. 

KAT Helps Fans Rule Their Day

This past Thursday, KAT dressed up as a store employee and turned in for his shift slinging phones and data plans. As luck would have it, KAT is as adept as Metro retail rep as he is knocking down 3s. Customers, of course, were shocked to see the two-time All-Star helping them out. Except one guy that had no idea the 6’11” guy was a basketball star. Check out the hidden camera video here.

Tune into the All-Star Week festivities this weekend for a new TV spot and more Rule Your Day surprises.  

Metro Brings the Savings for Tax Season

This tax season, Metro is helping new customers Rule Their Day with a screaming hot offer. Switch to Metro and you can get a single line, unlimited high-speed data plan on T-Mobile’s powerful LTE network.  No shared data, no speed caps, no data limits, no BS.

Savvy shoppers looking for a great deal simply bring their number to Metro and show an ID for verification. These deals are available now at Metro retail stores nationwide (protip: some locations still have the MetroPCS sign).